What I Offer

I use a very client centred approach, in an open and safe environment. With a unique set of skills and modalities, my aim is to work with you, in the most effective and supportive way that suits your own individual and specific needs.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

Everyone can benefit from therapy, if given the right environment and connection to suit their needs. Therapy is about uncovering parts of yourself, that weren’t safe to be revealed previously. It’s about being seen, heard and validated. It’s about being challenged. It’s identifying triggers. Limited beliefs. Unresolved grief and trauma. Therapy is a journey of healing and growth.

Finding the right therapist for you, is a gift you give yourself.

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Struggling with grief, loss, anxiety, relationship issues? Are you stuck in the stress cycle? Or perhaps just feel overwhelmed and uncertain?

Emotional Mind Integration

Tried therapy but still suffering? Could there be unresolved trauma and pain affecting your life and blocking you from moving forward?


Your Investment in You

60 minute session

Standard sessions run for 60 minutes and I also offer a range of packages.

One off Session $140
3 x session package $390
4 x session package $490
6 x session package $699
It’s important to me that people have access to quality and affordable therapy, hence I offer instalment plans on all my packages.

I Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

It is important that you like, trust and feel comfortable with the therapist you choose to work with. This is why I offer a no obligation call before you make a commitment. This is the vital first step, so I can gain an understanding of what’s happening for you and how I can best support you. If I don’t think we are the best fit and that you would be better served with another therapist, I will advise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I need?

It really depends on the issue, what modality we choose to work with and how deep you choose to go. We will discuss the options available and how they work. Sometimes when therapy commences other issues arise, which is great as we can address them. My goal is to support my clients in the most efficient yet thorough way as possible.

How are sessions delivered?
Sessions are delivered via zoom, or in clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Alternate arrangements can be discussed.

International and interstate clients are most welcome.

Payment Policy
Fees will be invoiced and required to be paid prior to each scheduled session. The due date will be 48 hours prior to session and listed on your invoice.
Cancellation Policy
50% of the scheduled fee will be charged if session cancelled within 48 hours, and the full fee is non-refundable if cancellation is within 24 hours of session. I understand that sometimes things happen, therefore I’m happy to reschedule your appointment at no cost.
Fee Rebate
Unfortunately, there is no rebate on Medicare or Private Health Insurance at this time. There is ongoing lobbying of the Government to include more counselling services, to enable more people access to be supported. With this in mind, I have kept my fees low to offset the possible out of pocket expense, from a standard scheduled psychologist fee (ie: psychologist fees can range from $200 to $300 per session, with a rebate ranging from $80-$110, equalling an out of pocket from $120-$190 per session with a mental healthcare plan).
All information supplied by the client is confidential. Information will not be given to third parties in relation to the client without their permission, unless the client, or any other person associated with the client, is considered to be in a serious or life-threatening situation, in which case the practitioner is duty-bound to report such information to the appropriate authorities. Such situations may include suicidal tendencies, physical, mental or emotional abuse being committed on or by the client or other criminal acts.

Most of us if we are truthful have things we can work on and changes we could make. Our belief system is formed by the age of around 7 and some of those beliefs we hold no longer serve us. Interestingly, they sit in our unconscious mind so rarely do we know what is triggering certain feelings and behaviours in us and they can effect all parts of our lives. We call them limiting beliefs as they are beliefs that are no longer healthy for us and limit our thinking and lives. For example a belief carried often is “I’m not enough” and this can really cause issues. Getting underneath these beliefs are critical to move forward and grow.

It’s a safe space to talk about your feelings and pain, as we work together to find the best modalities and tools for your individual needs. Our inner world is so often neglected because we focus so heavily on our outer world, when in reality if our inner world does not get the attention it needs, it can and does cause havoc on our whole world.

What is the difference between Holistic Counselling and Counselling?
As a Holistic Counsellor I work with my clients comprehensively. Mind, body and spirit. Our emotions affect our physical body. Our physical health affects our wellbeing and they both affect the spirit of who we are at our core. It’s about restoring balance.
What is trauma informed care?

When working with clients who have experienced trauma it’s critical that the therapist is trauma informed, meaning we approach care and therapy safely, collaboratively, with choice, trust and empowerment. It’s a holistic approach and we take into account both the physical and mental effects of trauma. We know trauma sits in the body and we use tools to safely release it.

Is Grief counselling necessary?

Grief is something we will all face at some time, for a variety of reasons. It’s unique to each of us and we all experience grief differently. Grief like trauma sits in our body and if we don’t move through it and process it in healthy ways, it can result in unresolved grief, which can cause us many health issues.

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