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I saw Michelle to help me with the overwhelming grief I was suffering, having lost my brother. It was impacting every part of my life. Michelle explained the process of grief to me in a way I hadn’t really heard before. By listening compassionately and letting me just talk, sit in silence or cry, I felt that everything I was feeling was valid. Michelle was recommended to me by a friend who knew her and her work with Lifeline and I’m so glad I sought her support because she really helped me through one of the toughest things I’ve ever experienced.


I originally saw Michelle to help me deal with some relationship issues I was having with my daughter. What was uncovered through our sessions was my perception and beliefs about how things should be, were actually impacting the relationship I had with my daughter. I was at my wits end and was concerned my relationship with my daughter was permanently damaged. Michelle helped me see that with subtle tweaks in my reactions and approach to my daughter, I could improve the situation. It’s a work in progress but the changes have been significant and I finally feel positive about the direction our relationship is heading.


I sought help from Michelle for what I thought was a specific issue bothering me. I was feeling lost and stuck. In our first session Michelle used a technique on me that uncovered some feelings that had resulted in something that had happened in my childhood. I cannot express the release and sense of understanding I had as to why I had been struggling on and off for most of my adult life. She is compassionate but also empowered me with tools and support. Highly recommend.


I felt very comfortable and safe with Michelle. I’ve seen different therapists/coaches in the past but Michelle had a way of asking the right questions to make me really think and open up in ways I haven’t previously. She listens but rather than give advice, she provided support and space for me to look within myself. I felt validated and heard and that allowed me the confidence to go deeper, knowing she was there with the right support for me.


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